Monday, 8th May 2017

From 10h to 19:30 Registration and documentation

  • 19:35 h. Opening Ceremony
  • 20:45 h. Get Together Party

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Plenary session 1. Feed intake, thermoregulation and heat stress

Chairmans: F. Calini & L. Waldenstedt

  • 9:00 h. Physiology of feed intake regulation: a chemosensing perspective.
                E. Roura and S. Cho
  • 9:25 h. Factors affecting voluntary feed intake in practice.
                H.L. Classen, E. Herwig, N. Karunaratne, D.D.L.S. Bryan and R.K. Savary
  • 9:50 h. Physiology of thermoregulation in broilers and related strategies to sustain perfomance under hot conditions.
                 S. Druyan and A. Haron

  • 10:15 h. Discussion Group (coffee)

Oral presentations: Feed raw materials

  • 11:00 h. Effect of various fibrous ingredients on performance, gizzard weight and gut microflora of broilers.
                  K. Bébin, D. Gardan-Salmon, C. Jacquot, M. Urdaci, M. Arturo-Schaan and M. Panhéleux-Lebastard
  • 11:10 h. Whole wheat choice feeding for heat stress mitigation in free range broilers.
                  M. Singh, K.M. Prescilla and A.J. Cowieson
  • 11:20 h. Effect of feed processing and structural components on starch digestion dynamics in broilers.
                  K. Itani and B. Svihus
  • 11:30 h. Dietary free fatty acids and saturation degree modify lipid absorption dynamics in broiler chickens.
                  R. Rodriguez-Sanchez, A. Tres and A.C. Barroeta
  • 11:40 h. In vitro fermentation of cassava leaf meal and palm kernel cake mixture with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens.
                  Y. Rizal, A. Yuniza, T.D. Nova, W.A. Angga and A. Annisa

  • 11:50 h. Plenary Discussion
  • 12:30 h. Lunch
  • 14:00 h. Poster session (coffe)

Plenary session 2. Feeding strategies and gastrointestinal health

Chairmans: E. Delezie & B. Vilà

  • 14:30 h. Update on feed structure and processing: Efficiency, Digestion and Gut development.
                   M.R. Abdollahi and V. Ravindran
  • 14:55 h. Nutritional modulation of microbial signals in the distal intestinal tract and how they can affect broiler health.
                   F. Van Immerseel, K. Vermeulen, L. Onrust, V. Eeckhaut and R. Ducatelle
  • 15:20 h. Intestinal digestive function and the influence of diet and feeding mangement.
                   B. Svihus

  • 15:45 h. Discussion Group (coffee).

Oral presentations: Nutrition and gut health

  • 16:30 h. Effect of arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides on intestinal short chain fatty acid production in broilers.
                  N. Morgan, C. Keerqin and M. Choct
  • 16:40 h. Small particle size wheat bran suppresses Salmonella by hosting a butyrogenic microbial network.
                  K. Vermeulen, J. Verspreet, C.M. Courtin, S. Baeyen, A. Haegeman, R. Ducatelle and F. Van Immerseel
  • 16:50 h. The effect of inulin and/or wheat bran in the diet during early life on intestinal health of chicks.
                  B. Li, J. Leblois, B. Taminiau, L. Willems, Y. Beckers, J. Bindelle and N. Everaert
  • 17:00 h. Effect of butyrate concentration in the GIT on innate and adaptive immune responses of broilers.
                  P.C.A. Moquet, G. Konnert, A. Lammers, L. Onrust and R.P. Kwakkel
  • 17:10 h. Effects of butyrate on performance, cecal microbiome and intestinal immune-related genes of broilers.
                  C. Bortoluzzi, A.A. Pedroso, J.J. Mallo, M. Puyalto, M.J. Villamide, W.K. Kim and T.J. Applegate

  • 17:20 h. Plenary Discussion
  • 18:00 h. Poster session

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Plenary session 3. Precision feeding (I)

Chairmans: Y. Noy & F. Escribano

  • 9:00 h. The potential of perinatal nutrition: in ovo and prestarter feeding.
                P.R. Ferket
  • 9:25 h. How to survive a ‘challenging childhood’: rearing the laying hen!
                R.P. Kwakkel, M.L. Elling-Staats and M.M. Van Krimpen
  • 9:50 h. Sequential and choice feeding in laying hens, how much does it help to adapt to the egg cycle?
                C. Hamelin, A. Molnar and Y. Nys

  • 10:15 h. Discussion Group (coffee)

Oral presentations: Feed additives

  • 11:00 h. Effects of feeding a bioactive extract from Olea europaea to broiler chickens on growth performance.
                  J. Herrero, M. Blanch, J. Pastor, A. Mereu, I. Ipharraguerre and D. Menoyo
  • 11:10 h. Effect of guanidinoacetic acid in corn and sorghum-based diets on broiler muscle pectoral myopathies.
                  E.O. Oviedo-Rondón, H. Córdova, A. Sarsour, J. Barnes, P. Ferzola and M. Rademacher-Heilshorn
  • 11:20 h. Microalgal Chlorella-based additive in diets for broilers.
                  E.N. Andrianova, I.A. Egorov, L.M. Prizyazhnaya, I.P. Uvarov and O.A. Rozhkov
  • 11:30 h. Control of the poultry red mite by dietary essential oils: laying hens production and welfare.
                  N. Puvača, A. Petrović, D. Horvatek Tomić, M. Marangi, T. Shtylla Kika, M. Vasiljević and O. Sparagano
  • 11:40 h. Effects of dietary nano-CuO administration on litter quality, tibia bone and excreta characteristics.
                  A. Deldadeh, A. Tatar, M.R. Ghorbani and S. Salari

  • 11:50 h. Plenary Discussion
  • 12:30 h. Lunch
  • 14:00 h. Poster session (coffe)

Plenary session 4. Precision feeding (II)

Chairmans: P. Langhout & A.C. Barroeta

  • 14:30 h. Avinesp Model: predicting growth and nutritional requirements of broilers.
                  N.K. Sakomura, L. Hauschild, M.P. Reis and N.T. Ferreira
  • 14:55 h. Regulation of feeding behaviour after feeding disproportionate amounts of amino acids.
                   N. Tous and E. Esteve-Garcia
  • 15:20 h. Nutritional requirements of broilers with different growth capacity.
                  M.A. Grashorn

  • 15:45 h. Discussion Group (coffee)

Oral presentations: Protein and amino acid nutrition / Other topics

  • 16:30 h. Broiler performance is transgenerationally affected by dietary protein levels in breeder hens.
                  S. Schallier, C. Li, J. Lesuisse, N. Everaert and J. Buyse
  • 16:40 h. The influence of rapid protein or exogenous phytase on digestive dynamics in broiler chickens.
                  H.H. Truong, A.F. Moss, P.V. Crystal, S.Y. Liu and P.H. Selle
  • 16:50 h. Energy and protein consumption and utilization of local female chicken reared under semiscavenging.
                  A. Adrizal, S. Syafwan, N. Noferdiman and T.M. Pasaribu
  • 17:00 h. Intermittent lighting improves broiler performance.
                  I. Rodrigues, M. Toghyani, B. Svihus, M. Bedford, R. Gous and M. Choct
  • 17:10 h. Effect of different post-peak feed withdrawal programmes on overall broiler breeder performance.
                  E.H. Helander, H. Willemsen and O. Van Tuijl

  • 17:20 h. Plenary Discussion
  • 18:00 h. Poster session
  • 21:00 h. Gala Dinner

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Plenary session 5. Optimized use of feed ingredients

Chairmans: M. Rodehutscord & C. Garcés

  • 9:00 h. The next big steps for feed enzymes.
                M. Choct
  • 9:25 h. Using science and business for a better soybean meal in poultry nutrition.
                 M. Sifri
  • 9:50 h. Quality control and nutritional value of fats.
                 R. Codony, F. Guardiola, A. Tres and A.C. Barroeta

  • 10:15 h. Discussion Group (coffee)

Oral presentations: Feed enzymes / Mineral nutrition

  • 11:00 h. The action of xylanase in broilers depends on how the substrate is provided.
                  A. Khadem, M. Lourenço, E. Delezie, L. Maertens, A. Goderis, R. Mombaerts, V. Eeckhaut, F. Van Immerseel and G.P.J. Janssens
  • 11:10 h. Effects of phytase, alone or combined with protease, on broiler performance and bone mineralization.
                  E. Delezie, S. Leleu and D. Feuerstein
  • 11:20 h. No interactive effects of P, Ca, and phytase on precaecal amino acid digestibility in broilers.
                  V. Sommerfeld, M. Schollenberger, I. Kühn and M. Rodehutscord
  • 11:30 h. Early life adaptation of broilers to low dietary phosphorus.
                  M.M. Van Krimpen, E. Willems and J. Van Harn
  • 11:40 h. Dietary manganese supplementation modulated eggshell ultrastructure in laying hens.
                   Y.N. Zhang, G.H. Qi, J. Wang, S.G. Wu and H.J. Zhang

  • 11:50 h. Plenary Discussion
  • 12:30 h. Lunch
  • 14:00 h. Poster session (coffe)

Plenary session 6. Hot Topics: sustainability on poultry feeding.

Chairmans: P.A. Géraert & A. Pérez

  • 14:30 h. Updating the available P requirements of broilers.
                   V. Khaksar, B. Meda and A. Narcy
  • 14:55 h. The significance of mycotoxins in future poultry production.
                   G. Antonissen and S. Croubels
  • 15:20 h. Some trends of poultry production beyond 2017: Influence of consumer perception and sustainability.
                  G. Santomà
  • 15:45 h. Feeding broilers of the future.
                  A.M. Penz, Jr.

  • 16:10 h. General Discussion
  • 16:40 h. Closing Ceremony