The Delta de l’Ebre is the estuary of the Ebre River. This nature space is located in the south of Tarragona and covers an area of 320 square kilometers, of which 80 comprise a nature reserve. It has a great ornithological richness and is internationally important due to the presence of over 400 species and some of the most important breeding colonies in the Mediterranean. It has a unique landscape, home to everything from market gardens and orchards to rice fields, while in the coastal area there are large lakes fringed by rush and reed beds. The area around this nature reserve is characterized by its saline soils, and extensive deserted sandy beaches with dune systems. We will visit this beautiful nature reserve, learning about the delta’s evolution and its rich agriculture, where rice is the main crop of the area. We will enjoy a boat trip to the mouth of the delta, a relaxing adventure that will allow you to grasp the importance of this wetland, one of the highlights of the Mediterranean basin and the largest one in Catalonia. From the boat, we will observe the lush riverside forest, reed beds and the large number of birds that live in this nature reserve, to finally reach the Mediterranean sea, where fresh and salt water mix.



  • 09.00 h. Departure from the hotel for transfer to Delta de l’Ebre.
  • 10.15 h. Guided tour of the river Ebre (by bus).
  • Small cruise on the river Ebre.
  • 13.00 h. Lunch at the Restaurant Racó del riu.
  • 15.00 h. Transfer back to the hotel.

PRICE: 96,00 €